Trinity Details

    Below is all the information you should need for Trinity this weekend. We have not been asked to fill specific volunteer spots, but I would love to see our team represented as willing to jump in so please sign up below for your slot. If you are willing to officiate, sign up here

    Rattlesnakes Warm-up:

    Saturday - 7:00-7:30 East Pool, Lanes 5 & 6

    Sunday - 6:30-7:00 Dive Well End, Lane 4 & 5

    The Trinity Summer Classic staff look forward to hosting your families this weekend. The Conroe ISD Nat is primed to deliver a fast meet in a tournament-class facility you've come to expect at Trinity. We're prepping the pool and making sure everything is ready for a first class meet. Hospitality is ready to feed our coaches and meet officials, and concessions will be available for all participants. We are expecting over 1300 swimmers this weekend!

    Now all that's needed is you! As you arrive, please be advised of these Nat rules and helpful tips:

    Please respect the Conroe ISD Nat facility by following the CISD Rules below:

    oSwimmer set-up will be outside to the west end of the building either in the grassy area or under the stands. There will be NO access to the football stands or football field.

    oOnly meet staff, officials, coaches, and approved volunteers with wrist bands are allowed on deck. This includes during warm-ups. Volunteers will receive wrist-bands at check-in. We still have slots open both Saturday and Sunday for Timer/Scribes, so sign up today! Timer/Scribes have the best spot to view the swims.

    oAbsolutely no vehicles are allowed on the grass at any time. Please unload/load vehicles from the pavement.

    Please find a seat when watching your swimmer. The Conroe Nat has plenty of seating and great views, so please do not loiter at the rail, blocking the view of other spectators.

    Estimated timelines for Saturday and Sunday are given HERE. Please note that this is just a guide. We recommend you show up early for your events in case we are running ahead of schedule.

    Heat Sheets for the meet are available electronically for $2 each day. You can get a pdf of the heats sheet for $2 at the following links:



    The Swimtopia Mobile app for your iPhone or Android device is recommended. Swimtopia Mobile will be updated in real-time to show event and heat in the water, however we will not be able to display live results in the app. As the results are verified, they will be uploaded to the Trinity Swimtopia site here. To view the results you will first need to register, which can be accomplished at the following link.

    SwimShops of the Southwest will be open Saturday of the meet.

    We ask that all volunteer timers sign in at the volunteer table in the lobby BEFORE the meet starts for the day (sign in starts at 6:30 am) so that you can get your wristband for deck access when the meet starts. There will be a timers meeting at 7:45 both mornings under the large scoreboard.

    Trinity t-shirts will be available for sale in the pool lobby before and during the meet sessions. Limited quantities available, get your size while you can!

    Awards will be given to your team rep only at the conclusion of each session.

    I have attached copies of the pool layout, along with warm-up times and lane assignments.

    In case any of the above links are not working, details can be found on the Trinity website: trinitysummerclassic.swimtopia.com.

    See you all this weekend!

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